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With this integration, you can connect proposals in Proposify with your workspaces in Podio, so that your deals and contacts are always within reach.

To integrate with Podio, the account owner and go to their account settings. In the integration list, click on the Podio icon

Log into your Podio account, to allow Podio to integrate with Proposify

After logging in, you can select a workspace and import contacts.  

Click “Create Proposify app” to complete the integration

Once you connect Proposify to Podio, there are two main features you can use:

1. Import Podio Contacts

Simply click the ‘import contacts’ button and Proposify will pull in a list of all the contacts in your contacts app and let you choose which ones to import. This will save you time and effort as you only have to enter them once in Podio.


2. Proposals in your workspace
As you create new proposals in Proposify, they’ll be linked to items in your Proposify app in Podio, including syncing the contact, uploading the cover page, linking to the proposal, and even the proposal tags.

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