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When connecting to Insightly, opportunities are automatically created and updated in your Insightly account. You can also import your client contacts from Insightly directly into Proposify.

To integrate with Insightly, go to Account Settings and select Insightly.

To connect the integration, you'll need your API key from your Insightly account, which can be found in your user settings near the bottom.

Once you've entered your API key, connected to Insightly, and have a pipeline, you can select the stages you want the proposal to move to as the sale progresses through the Proposify pipeline.

From here you can also import all your Insightly contacts by clicking "Import Contacts”

You can search and choose individual contacts you want to import, or you can select them all to import to Proposify.


When you create a proposal, an opportunity is automatically created in Insightly. If you don't want a opportunity entered, you have that option as well.

 If you already have opportunities in Inslightly, you can link the proposal to an existing opportunity.


As the sale progresses you can track it in Insightly, and access the proposal with just one click. When the proposal has been Won in Proposify, you can download a PDF from Insightly. 

Insightly & Streams

If you have Streams, you can choose which Streams will automatically create a new deal or opportunity when a new document is added to that Stream. 

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