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Stay up to date with your proposal progress right in HubSpot. Import your contacts, attach proposals to deals, and export won proposals as PDFs. We’ve also added two-way contact syncing and deal importing to help you create proposals faster and more accurately.

Connecting to Hubspot and Importing Contacts:

To get started, the account owner can go to Settings. In the integration list, click on the HubSpot logo.

Find your Hub ID in HubSpot, enter it into Proposify, and accept the connection

Once connected you can select where in your pipeline you want proposals to be moved to as the sales process moves forward

You can also import your contacts from HubSpot. Click the 'Import Contacts' button and select the contacts you want to import.

Attaching a Proposal to a Hubspot Deal:

From the Proposal Settings, you can select the HubSpot tab and create a new deal for this proposal, or attach it to an existing deal from the dropdown. 

If you are attaching to an existing deal, you can select “Update Proposal Settings” and the existing deal information will automatically be update in the basic settings fields near the top (Client, Person and Due Date fields):

The company and contact info for this deal will automatically be added to the Proposify Clients List, if they didn't already exist in Proposify.

The proposal will automatically be added to HubSpot CRM with all the details.

After the proposal is created, if you decide to edit the Proposal Settings, the Deal in HubSpot will be updated,  and a new note will also be added to the Deal. Syncing happens every 5 minutes, so you won’t have wait long!

After sending the proposal, the deal will be updated in HubSpot CRM. The deal will also update after the proposal has been viewed and accepted by your client. The the proposal has been accepted, a PDF copy will be attached to the HubSpot Deal.

Hubspot & Streams

If you have Streams, you can choose which Streams will automatically create a new deal or opportunity when a new document is added to that Stream. 

Troubleshooting the HubSpot CRM Integration:

In Proposal Settings, if you don’t see the contact fields automatically update after selecting "Update Proposal Settings",  just refresh your screen. The contact fields should update after refreshing.

In your Client List, you may see a red notification next to a contact person. This indicates the contact person may not be syncing properly with HubSpot CRM. Any pending signatures on a proposal before our last update may need to be removed, or signed, before the contact can sync with HubSpot. Hover over the notification for more details on the issue. 

Read about Hubspot Mass Contact Importing 

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