Hubspot Mass Contact Importing

Updated 1 month ago by Michael Hulet

We recently discovered that importing CSV contact files into Hubspot significantly slows down our servers and can create long delays between adding contacts and sending proposals. This can lead to a lot of frustration if you’re trying to get a proposal out quickly.

Right now our team is working on a more efficient solution for bulk imports of contacts, but until that’s done, we had no choice but to suspend the ability to import CSV files through the Hubspot/Proposify integration. 

The good news is that in the meantime, you can still import contacts!

You’ll still be able to two way sync your contacts that are added manually in Hubspot or Proposify, either by selecting the appropriate deal which will update the contact info, or by Adding a new client which will update Hubspot. You’ll still be able to import contacts using the Proposify Hubspot integration:

Here’s how you can add contacts as you go:

1.When linking a proposal to an existing deal:

-Leave the “Who is the client you are pitching?” field blank.

-After selecting the existing Hubspot Deal, select “Update Proposal Settings".

-This will automatically fill in the correct client details.

2.When linking a proposal to a new deal:

-Under the “Who is the client you’re pitching?” dropdown, choose “+Add New Client”.

-Fill in the new client details.

-This will create the contact in Proposify and Hubspot.

Read about our Hubspot integration here! 

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