Harvest [video]

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Integrate your Harvest account with Proposify. Start by selecting the account settings and then click on the Harvest logo.

From there, enter your Harvest subdomain (eg: if it's 'yourcompany.harvestapp.com' then enter 'your company' in the text input)

Click Login and it will ask if you give Proposify permission to access your Harvest account.

Click approve and you'll be re-directed back to Proposify. Once your account is successfully connected, you'll be able to import contacts:



Creating Projects and Invoices:

After a proposal has been marked as Won, you can create a project and generate an invoice in Harvest, by selecting the Harvest button at the top of the Proposal Snapshot page:


You can then create a project by selecting a start and end date, as well as inviting teammates to the project. Then select View Project.

You can also generate an invoice by selecting a percentage of the proposal to invoice and clicking Generate Invoice:

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