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Variables (also called short codes or merge fields in some other products) are simply snippets of text that change or vary from proposal to proposal or even page to page. Variables auto-update on their own so you don't have to manually replace them.

Examples include: client name, proposal name, page number and due dates.

If you click on the Variable button in the main toolbar, you'll see a dialog that shows all the allowed variables and their corresponding values for the current proposal.

Your company values can be edited by going to the Account Settings > Company Info or the Team settings 


  • {company_name}
  • {user_assigned}
  • {user_email}
  • {user_phone}
  • {user_title}
  • {company_address_1}
  • {company_address_2}
  • {company_city}
  • {company_state}
  • {company_country}
  • {company_zip_code}
  • {company_url}
 Your client values can be edited by going to the Client Contacts and updating the company and contact information


  • {client_name}
  • {client_contact_first}
  • {client_contact_last}
  • {client_email}
  • {client_address}
  • {client_address_2}
  • {client_office_number}
  • {client_mobile_number}
  • {client_province}
  • {client_city}
  • {client_zip_code}
  • {client_country}
  • {client_url}
  • {client_title}
Your proposal values can be edited by going to the proposal settings 


  • {date_submitted}
  • {date_accepted}
  • {due_date}
  • {page_number}
  • {proposal_name}
  • {proposal_number}
  • {proposal_link}
  • {total}

You can copy and paste the variable or type it into any text box and we'll automatically replace it with the appropriate value.

For example, if you have a text box on your cover page that you want to always show the current client name, just type {client_name} into the text box and when you deselect it, you'll notice we pull in the appropriate value.

When you click out of the text box, the variables replace with:

This saves you from having to manually find and replace text that always changes for each new proposal.

At the moment, fee tables don't accept variables  

If you want to show the current page number, just go to Edit Design > Repeaters and use the variable {page_number}, and after saving, the text box will always show the current page number.

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