Single Text Boxes

Updated 1 month ago by Michael Hulet

Text boxes are where you'll be spending most of your time in Proposify, so it's good to know how they work!

When you click on the T icon in your toolbar, you've activated the text tool. You can click anywhere on your page to create a new text box.

Once you have a text box created and highlighted, a WYSIWYG bar will appear with a variety of formatting tools.

You can type new text or import text from another document or web page.


If you move your cursor over any corner of your text box you can resize the box bigger or smaller depending on how much text is in the box.

You can click once on a text box to highlight it (double click to edit the contents). With the text box highlighted you can drag it anywhere on the page.

With your text box highlighted, you can right or control click to get the contextual menu.

The menu allows you to:

  • Arrange - a submenu will allow you to move the text box above or below other objects on the z-access. Helpful if you want text to appear on top of an image or shape.
  • Duplicate - make a carbon copy of the text box.
  • Delete - click this to permanently delete the text box (a warning will confirm before deletion). Alternatively you can select a text box and press your DELETE key.

Also see flowed text boxes.

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