Flowing Text to a New Page

Updated 1 month ago by Michael Hulet

What does it mean to turn on "page flow"?

When you create a new section you are asked if you want to turn on page flow

The reason we ask this is because if you want your content to flow from page to page, similar to Word, then turn page flow on.

When you do, there will be a main text box that you can't re-size or move around like a single text box (it inherits the margins set in your theme > Page template. This is so we can properly flow the text from one page to the next. 

Like Word, if you want to remove the last page from your flowed section, simply highlight and delete the text and we'll automatically remove the page.


If you want more control over your pages and don't want text to auto flow from page to page, turn page flow OFF. That way you'll see a plus button in your page list to manually add a new page.

And you can also remove a page either by clicking the trash icon in the top right corner of your page

Or by right/control clicking on the page in your list and clicking 'delete'.


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