Copying and Pasting From Other Programs

You can paste text from other websites and documents into Proposify.

We do not have an auto-import function that will let you upload a PDF or Word document and automatically generates all the content/images/styling.

What you'll need to do is decide how you want to organize your proposal template using sections (Eg: About Us, Pricing, Terms etc.)

If your section is long with a lot of text and you want to automatically flow text from page to page (similar to Word, Google Docs etc.) then make sure page flow is turned on in your section.

It will create a master text box for you that you can't move and auto-flows text to a new page when you type paste the bottom of the page boundaries.

That way you can highlight text in your document and paste it into the text box so it flows.


Microsoft Word in particular has terrible markup (the formatting in the code that you can't see) and it often breaks our editor when pasting directly.

If at all possible, please paste into a plain text document first before pasting into our system. For example:

  • Copy the text from MS Word
  • Open up TextEdit (Mac) or Notepad (Windows)
  • Paste the text into your plain text editor
  • The highlight and copy again
  • Paste into a Proposify text box.

This will ensure all the Word markup gets stripped out so it doesn't break Proposify.

We are constantly working to improve our paste function, so if your document breaks (page flow doesn't work, or text becomes difficult to format), try the plain text approach and email support your document so we can fix that particular issue in a future release.