Saving and Importing Fees

You can save individual rows in your tables to the main content library so they can easily be reused, edited and imported into other pricing tables.

When you edit the settings of a row in a pricing table, you can check on "Save to fee library". After you save that fee will get saved to your main fee library.

That fee can then be imported into new or existing pricing tables.

When creating a new pricing table there is a button/link to import fees.

If you click on the link it will open up the fee library (NOTE: It will only display fees that match the type of table you have selected. Learn more about fee types.)

Check off the fees you want to import and then click "Add to Table".

The library will close and it will show you the fees that are about to be added to your new table.

Once you click on "Insert Table" the table will be created and all the fees will be imported.

NOTE: Once a fee is imported it's technically a seperate copy from is was in the library. So if you edit the fee in the content library it will not update that fee in your pricing table. You would need to import the fee again into your pricing table to have it reflect the update.

You can import fees into pricing tables that are already created by right clicking on the table and clicking "Import fees". It will bring up the library and let you select the fees to import.

Learn more about using the fee library.

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