Taxes and Discounts

Updated 1 month ago by Michael Hulet

You can add multiple taxes and discounts in your proposals. Here's how it works.

Make sure you have the total showing in your table. If it isn't, right click, choose properties and then check on "Show total in footer".

Once your total is appearing in your table, hover your cursor over the total row and you'll see "+ Tax" and "+ Discount" buttons

If you add a tax it will ask your for a percentage amount and label.

Once you save it will add a tax row to your footer and add the percentage to your total.

In the same way, if you add a discount and specify a percentage:

It will subtract that percentage from your total.

Once you have added a tax, a discount or both, they are editable by hovering over the row and clicking the settings icon to adjust the text or percentage amount. You can also delete the taxes and discounts in the same way as you do other fee rows.

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