Fee/Pricing Tables [video]

Pricing tables (also known as fee tables or budget tables) are how you display costs to your client.

How to store and import fees in the fee library

To add a pricing table to your proposal click on the fee table button in your toolbar and place a new table on the page

First, choose what type of fees you want to use in this table. Learn more about fee types.

Choose from a list of currencies. You can use a different currency for each proposal but can't use multiple currencies within the same proposal.
You can optionally show a total in the footer of the table.
You can choose whether to include this fee table in your proposal's total.
If you choose to import fees from your library, click on the import link.

 If you do it will show the fees of the type you've chosen (fixed, hourly etc.) and allow you to check off which fees to import. Learn more about the fee library

 Once your table is created you can drag the corners of it to resize as needed.

When you double click inside a row, you'll be able to edit the title and description, alter the pricing, re-order the rows, create a new row, delete a row, or edit the row settings (by clicking the gear icon)


If you edit the row settings you can choose to make the fee optional. Optional fees have check boxes and allow your client to check them on or off when reviewing a proposal.

If you right click or control click on a table you will get a contextual menu. Here you can arrange a pricing table from front to back if you have background elements as well as style the table. You can import fees from your fee library, duplicate the table, delete the table, or edit the properties.

If you edit the properties you can change the currency, currency formatting, decide whether to include this table in your proposal's price total, and toggle whether or not to show the total in the footer.

If you want to add taxes or apply a discount, hover over the total of your table. You will see Tax and Discount options appear. Selecting Tax or Discount will let you fill in a percentage and a lable for that item.

Taxes and Discounts will apply to a percentage of the total.

Alternatively, you can create fee tables when creating a new section, and that will create a master table that flows from page to page. Learn more.

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