Teams [video]

Updated 2 years ago by Nick Gaston

Users can be grouped into teams. Teams can have their own company name, address, custom domain, logo and currency type.

The account owner can go to Settings > Teams to set up teams

From here you can edit an existing team or create a new one by selecting "+Add Team"

Each team can have their own company name, address, domain, currency and logo. Click the checkbox next to each of these to set them up. You can drag/drop or select "Click here to upload" to add a company logo to this team. These are optional.


Assign Users to Teams

To assign users to a team, hover over their name in the User List and click the arrow to add them to the team. You'll see the Team List on the right display all of the members of this team.
Clicking the green arrow will move the user back to the orginal User List
When finished click "Save Team"

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