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Streams lets you organize your sales documents your way. Set up a Stream to manage signed contracts, SOWs, internal memos, or other supplementary proposal documents that aren’t necessarily part of your sales pipeline. 

Think of it as a five-drawer filing cabinet for your pipeline. Want to separate signed contracts from your proposal revenue? Create a new stream to keep your contracts all in one place.

Simply click and drag proposals into your Stream tab for ultra-fast organizing! 

Major metrics

Streams gives you control over how you organize your pipeline, more accurate metrics, and a clearer picture of your sales. 

You can also filter your metrics by Stream, giving you a more accurate snapshot of what’s on the go.

Great integrations

With each of your integrations, you can choose which Streams will automatically create a new deal or opportunity when a new document is added to that Stream. 

A more accurate pipeline

Proposals without fee tables will no longer be counted in the pipeline proposal value. Previously, if you had a non-revenue document in your pipeline like a contract or a statement of work, its zero dollar amount skewed sales numbers. 

Now, only your proposals with fee tables will show a value in your sales pipeline so you get a more accurate picture of projected revenue. 

While Streams is included on all current plans, it's not included on older plans we no longer offer. It’s no problem to stay with that plan, but if you want to use Streams you'll need to choose from one of our current four pricing plans starting at just $25/month. 

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