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Also see the video on content library, sections and versions.

Every time you create a section within a proposal, template or in the content library, Proposify creates the first version. Every time you reuse that section in another proposal, it will save another version of it.

To see the list of revisions, click on the edit time that appears above the section while editing it.

This will take you to the Revision History. Previous versions of this page are stored here. Here you can click on past revisions to roll back and make edits to old versions. When you edit an old version, it will automatically duplcate that version and make a new one so you don't overwrite other proposals.

We automatically make the latest version your default one that appears in the content library and is used when importing it into new proposals.

If you'd like to set an older version to be your default, just click the "Make Default" link when hovering over the version.

When editing a section, the section itself will be saved, but another version of it may be displayed in your Content Library instead. 

You can access past versions of sections by editing the section (in a proposal, template or right inside the main content library) and clicking the "last edited by" wording at the top of the page. This will open up the Revision History, where you can view all of your past versions. The version labeled "Default" is the one currently in the library. Click the different versions to find the one you want to be the one in the library. You can then hover over that version in the list and select "Make Default" to make that version appear in your library instead. 

When you edit in the content library, you are editing the default. So when you created a proposal with that section, it uses that version.

When you are in a proposal and want the content library to use the version you just perfected you must mark as default.

Also see Editing Sections in the Content Library

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