Creating and Reusing Sections

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See the video content library, sections & versions

Every time you create a new section, you can choose to save that section in your library so it can be reused for other proposals in the future.

When you create a new section, you'll see the option to 'Save to Content Library' - leave this checked and it will be stored in the library.

Sections are made up of one or more pages of content. If a section requires more than one page, we'll automatically flow the content into new pages within the same section.

To create a new section, click on "New Section" above your page list:


A dialog box will come up with several options:

Give your section a name, such as "Scope & Deliverables"

Choose whether to include Page Flow, and whether to Add a Fee Table. 

Tag the section so it can easily be found and filtered in the content library

Choose whether or not you want to save this new section in your library for later use.

With your new section created, you can either start typing in the master text box or begin adding objects (images, shapes, lines) to the page.

Whenever you want to open your library, just click on the library icon above your page list. 

When you open your library, you can search for the section you want, or filter by tag.

You can preview the section first by clicking on the magnifying glass icon that appears when you roll over the section. That will preview the latest version, or you can select an older version from the drop down and preview/import that.

Read more about versioning

When you want to use the section in your proposal, drag it into your page list.

Removing Sections

If you import a section and realize you don't want it anymore, you can simply remove it from the page list and it will stay in your library.

If you want to permenantly delete the section from your library, leave the proposal you're working on, go to your main content library, and click "Edit". 

That will make check boxes appear and allow you to select multiple sections to remove. When you have the sections selected, click the delete icon, confirm and they will be completely deleted from your content library.

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