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Updated 1 month ago by Michael Hulet

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To add a video to a section of your proposal, click on the video button in the tool bar, and then click anywhere on the page.

You'll be asked to provide the embed code (the video must be already uploaded to Vimeo or Youtube or Wistia). Open a new tab and find the video. You can grab the embed code by clicking on the share button and then highlighting and copying the code that begins with <iframe>


Then paste the code into Proposify's video text box:

Click save and a video box will appear on the page. You can resize it as you would a normal text box, image or shape. If you want to watch it, double click the video while it's in the editor. Don't worry, it won't appear this way for clients previewing your proposal in the browser, they'll just see the video without having to double-click. However if they've downloaded a PDF the video will appear as a black video box they'll need to click to view the video in the browser.

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