If a proposal is sent and I want to make edits, will clients see the changes live or do I need to resend?

Updated 1 month ago by Michael Hulet

Short answer: Anytime they go to view the proposal link you sent them they'll see the most recent saved version. 

However, the changes aren't shown in real-time. In other words, if a client is viewing the proposal and you make a change at the same time, they won't see the changes you've made until they re-load the page or click on the link again. 

We recommend if you are making significant changes to the proposal that you duplicate the first proposal, make your edits to the duplicate, and then re-send that version. That way, the client will not see the updates as you are making them. Make sure you then archive the first version of the proposal.

We do keep an internal revision history, where you can see different versions of sections, and when those changes were made. To see this history, go to the top of a section in your proposal, where it says "last edited by whomever X seconds/days/months ago".

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