How do I save a version to the library?

Updated 1 month ago by Michael Hulet

When editing a section, the section itself will be saved, but another version of it may be displayed in your Content Library instead. 

Here's how you can save another version of a section from your proposal to the Content Library:

  1. Go to the proposal editor and find the section you want to save
  2. At the top of the first page, click the "Last Edited by" wording, next to the section title
  3. To will pull up your Revision History. The version labeled "Default" is the one currently in the library. The one highlighted yellow is the one used in the proposal you're looking at. You can hover over a version in the list and select "Make Default" to make that version appear in your library instead.

The Revision History holds a version for each proposal/template that section is used in.  So if your section is being used in 1 template and 2 proposals, you will see 3 versions in your Revision History list.

The version labelled "Default" (the one saved to your Content Library) will be the original version, until you select a newer one to be the "Default"

Here's a bit more info on how this works:

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