How do I create a tiered plan pricing?

In Proposify there's isn't a specific tiered pricing table or fee, but there is a "hack" to make it work.

If you want tiered pricing, for example, 3 plans that offer a small, medium, large service where the user selects which plan they want, here's how to do it.

First, create a standalone pricing table set to "fixed" fee type:

Once the table is created, edit the header text, description and price similar to what's seen here, and size it down to a narrow width. Set the fee type to optional so there's a check box for the client to select it.

Once you have your first tiered price set up the way you want it, select the table, and hit copy (command/control + C) and paste (command/control + V) to copy over the same table. Change the values as needed, and repeat as needed until there's multiple pricing tables, sized and positioned how you want it.

You can pre-select a tier so it's already selected when your client views the proposal. Since the fees are set to optional they can uncheck a tier and select another one. 

If you want you can output the total above or below the tiers using the {total} variable, so it's clear what the client has selected and what they'll pay per month/year/quarter.

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