When you click on the Typography link in Edit Design, you will default to the Body text format.

All of the properties below the text format are for just that one format. If you want to select another format (Eg: Heading 1) just select it from the dropdown field.

 With a format selected, you can change the following:

  • Font family - we use some of the most popular typefaces on Google fonts.
  • Colour - eyeball it or enter the exact Hex number.
  • Uppercase - yes/no
  • Alignment - left, center or right aligned.
  • Font size - enter a number in pixels
  • Line-height - adjust the space between each line of text.
  • Margin - top, left, right, bottom. In case you want any indenting or extra spacing before or after the text element.

After you click update, the typograhy will be updated and your entire proposal will reflect the new style information.

See also: Table Styles, Page Setup, Repeaters

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