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This can be found by going to Edit Design > Repeaters

This allows you to create headers, footers and any other elements that appear on each page of your proposal. If you place any text, images, shapes or lines on a page, it will appear on every page of your proposal

Unlocking repeating elements

Sometimes you want a header or footer on every page of your proposal EXCEPT one or two. Maybe you want one page to be completely blank or you want a custom footer on just one page.

If you want to change or remove a repeater on an individual page here are the steps to do this:

  • Leave the repeaters area (hit the close button if you are currently editing repeaters) 
  • Go to the page you want the repeater changed or removed on
  • Click on the element (text, image etc.) you want removed
  • You'll see a small lock icon. Click the lock

When you do you'll see the following message: "Unlock page element? Only applies to this page. This can also be edited by customizing your theme."

Click OK and now that element will be unlocked, so you can change or delete it and it will only apply to that page. Other pages will keep the repeating element intact.

Page numbers

You can use variables in text boxes within the page template, which is useful for dynamically outputting information on every page, such as the page number, client name, or proposal name.

If you want to output the page number in the footer of your proposal, just create a text box and type {page_number} (with the curly braces) and it will output the appropriate page number.

See more under Variables.

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