Managing Sections

To manage sections in your library, go to your content library from the main menu > sections.

From here you can create, preview, duplicate and delete sections directly in the library.

Creating sections: If you create a new section, it uses your default template as a basis for the styles.

NOTE: Currently you can't directly edit styles in the library because they automatically inherit the styles of whatever proposal they are imported into.

Deleting sections: If you delete a section from the library it will NOT delete that section from proposals or templates using the section. Instead it simply hides that section from your library. If you need to restore a section you deleted from the library please contact support.

The next two sections explain how to rename sections and how to group related sections.

Renaming Sections

Sections can be renamed from the Content Library. In the content library, just select the the title of a section, and you will see the option to type in the new name:

Your sections can be also renamed be while edting a proposal, by selecting the section name at the top of the page. A text box will appear, where you can fill in the new name of your section:

If the section is only in one proposal, the section name is updated and not just the label.  This means that in the content library the names may not be the same once a section is reused.

Section groups allow you to organize your sections in folder-like categories.

Let's say you have a section called "Scope of Services" for design, development and marketing projects. You want to call all three sections "Scope of Services" but make it clear which one is for which services.

You can create all three sections with the same name and then create three different section groups to store each section within.

You will want to create a group for "Design", "Development", and "Marketing".

Do to that, click on the "New Group" button in the content library. Name your groups and once it's created you can drag a section from one group to another.

You can edit a group name simply by clicking on the name. You can also delete a group. If you delete a group with sections in it, all the sections will be moved to the default group.

You cannot edit the name or delete the default group.

You can expand and collapse groups by clicking on them to show and hide their contents.

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