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If you click on the image icon in your toolbar, the image library will appear.

You can drag and drop images from your desktop into the library (or hover over an image and select "Insert").

Images that are uploaded to your library will be available to any of your other proposals. You can select an image in the library and permanently remove it by clicking the delete button (note: you can't delete images that are being used in a proposal).

Once an image is in your library, you can drag it from the dialog to anywhere on your page and click done to close the dialog.


Once an image is on the page, you can click on it to select it.

Once selected, you can drag the corners of the image to resize it bigger or smaller. Hold SHIFT while resizing to keep the image proportional.

You can drag the image anywhere on your page. You can also select the image and use your arrow keys to nudge it by one pixel in any direction.

With your image selected, you can right or control click to get the contextual menu.

The menu allows you to:

  • Arrange - a submenu will allow you to move the image box above or below other objects on the z-access. Helpful if you want it to appear on top of another item or shape.
  • Duplicate - make a carbon copy of the text box.
  • Delete - click this to permanently delete the text box (a warning will confirm before deletion). Alternatively you can select a text box and press your DELETE key.
  • Properties - change the width, height, opacity, border, add a link or corner settings on the image (see below).


You can make your image circular by editing it's properties and set the roudned corners property to 100.

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