Fee Library [video]

The Fee Library allows you to store as many fees as you'd like, which you can import into proposals, so you don't have to retype them each time. To access your fee library, go to the Content Library and select the Fees tab near the top of the page:

Entering Fees Into Your Fee Library:

You can enter fees into your Fee Library by:

  1. Manually creating a new fee

  2. Importing from an existing proposal

  3. Importing a CSV file

1. To manually enter a new fee, select the ‘Create Fee’ button:

2. To import fees into your library from an existing proposal, select a fee from the table and click on the gear icon called “Edit row options”:

A new Fee Options box will appear, where you can check on “Copy to fee library” to store this fee in your library:

3. You can also import your own fees using a comma separated value (CSV) file. From your fee library, select the Import Fees button:

You can then upload your CSV file to the library, or download a sample CSV file with sample fees:

When importing a CSV file, you’ll need to match your document columns to the following fee fields:

  • Name - The name or title of your fee 

  • Quantity - The quantity or number of units

  • Type - type of fee table (fixed, mixed, annual, etc)

  • Adjustable - If this fee has units that the client can adjust (quantity)

  • Price - the value/subtotal of the fee

  • Description - a brief description of your fee (under the fee name)

  • Optional for clients - if you want the client to decide whether or not to include this fee in the total

  • Tags - to search for a fee in your library you can tag the fee and filter by tag

Note: if a fee field does not apply to any columns in your CSV file, you can choose “Skip this” from the one of the drop downs.

After selecting “Import Fees”, you should see your CSV file of fees successfully import to the Fee Library

Importing From Fee Library to Proposal:

You can import fees from your library into a new table, or into an existing table. 

To import them into a new table, select “Import from library” when creating your table:


To import fees from your library into an existing table, right-click the table and select “Import Fees”:

In both cases, this will open your fee library, where you can check on the fees you want to add to your table and select “Add to Table”:


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