Signing the Proposal

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Before a proposal can be signed, you need to add at least one signature. See Adding Online Signatures.

Once a signature is added, the person assigned to a signature button can sign the proposal.

Once you've sent your client the proposal they can sign. NOTE: Clients cannot sign a proposal if you've simply copied and pasted the URL of the preview.

You need to send the proposal in a secure way to your client by either sending directly through Proposify, or by copying the signers specific URL from the send screen.

Copying the person's signature link and emailing it to them directly will enable them to click the link and sign.

To sign your proposal yourself, click go to the Client Preview or click Sign Now from the proposal snapshot page:


Click on the signature box with your name on it. Yours will be the one highlighted in yellow:


You can Draw or Type your signature:


To draw your signature, select the Draw tab, and use your mouse to draw a signature:


To type your signature, select the Type tab and type your signature under “Full Name”. You have the option to change the signature style using the Change Style dropdown

Click Sign & Accept button to insert your signature and accept the proposal.

Now you’ll see the signature in the proposal along with a date stamp

Now your Proposal Snapshot page will display who has already signed the proposal, and who still has pending signatures. Select “Remind” to email your client a reminder to send the proposal. 


Are electronic signatures legal?

There's a few ways we ensure signatures are legally binding:

  1. We use the Square API which allows parties to sign their own name with their mouse or finger (touch screens)

  2. We record the IP address of the signing parties and the date/time it was signed.

  3. We offer both parties electronic copies of the signed document and keep them stored on our servers

  4. We lock down the document from being modified after it has been signed. If you do edit it again the signature is removed.

This follows the guidelines outlined in the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act and European Directive (EC/1999/93)


Also see Adding Online Signatures

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