Sending Follow-up Reminders

Updated 1 month ago by Michael Hulet

After you send your proposal it's time to play the waiting game...

If you're sick of playing that game you can send follow-up reminders to your client.

Follow-up reminders are a polite way to ask your client to look at the proposal you sent them without having to remember to follow-up yourself.

To start follow-up reminders, click on your proposal and click the "Remind" link next to client's name. This link will appear when you've added an Online Signature button for this client to use.


If the proposal has not been viewed by your client, you can also send them a reminder by clicking "Send Reminder" in the Activity Feed of the Snapshot page.


It will open a window where you can customize the subject line and message.

You can copy yourself on the emails that go out as well

When your client finally clicks on the link to the proposal, our system will send you a notification, letting you know your client has viewed the proposal. 

We'll automatically turn off the follow-up reminders as soon as a proposal is viewed so you don't accidentally bug your client!

You can also set up a reminder email from the Send screen

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