Preview/Sending to Clients [video]

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Also see online signatures video

You can click Send from the snapshot or proposal editor, which will show a text form where you can use an email template or write a custom message to your client. 



You can select which user sends the proposal from the drop down menu. By default it will come from the user assigned to the proposal in your proposal settings

Also see how to send using your own email address.


We'll automatically send to the primary client contact, but you can add multiple contacts within the same company to send to, or CC other people on the proposal.

Anyone CC'd will not be shown to the client contact, and we will not track them or collect any view metrics. This is useful for copying team members on the proposal or sending to your CRM.

Selecting Email Template

We will automatically load your default send email template, but you can customize the email and/or choose another email template from the drop down list.

When selecting Preview Email, we will show you approximately what the email will look like in your clients inbox (We say "approximately" because all email clients display emails slightly differently)

Thank You Email

After your client accepts your proposal, we will automatically send them an email from you that thanks them for the proposal and discusses the next steps.

You can customize the default thank you email in your account settings, and add multiple email templates.


Send Reminder

You can also send a reminder, so if your client hasn't opened the proposal in a set amount of days, a reminder email will automatically be sent to the client.

Send a Test Email 

You can send yourself a test email first by selecting "Send Me A Test Email"

Proposal Status

When our system sends the email to your client, the proposal will be automatically marked as sent.

If you don't want to send through the app itself, you can simply copy and paste the proposal URL from the send form or preview page, and send that to your client directly. Be sure to mark your proposal as sent if you send it manually via a link.

You could also just download a PDF from the preview page and print, scan or fax the proposal, if you want to be really old-school about it.

Also see how online signatures work

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