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You can preview what your proposal will look like to clients by clicking on the client preview links on the snapshot screen.

Snapshot (click "Preview")

Once you click on the preview it will open in a new tab and look something like this:

This is exactly what your client will see when they click on the link you send to them.

If you chose to set up a custom domain, this is where you and your clients will see it.

Clients can accept or decline the proposal if you've enabled those buttons to be visible. They can also download a PDF of the proposal (they can print the proposal from the PDF if they wish).

If you chose to upload files when sending the proposal, they will appear in the header and clients can download them to their computers.

Clients can interact with pricing tables by checking on or off optional fees

If an optional fee isn't checked on by the client it won't be added to the total.

Clients can sign proposals using the electronic signature tool if you've added a signature button to the proposal. Otherwise they just confirm their email address before accepting the proposal.

Customizing the client preview

When you are logged into Proposify you'll see Edit Settings at the top of the page in the preview. Click it and a panel will open with some options. Clients cannot see this button when they are looking at the proposal.

Creating or Editing a Template

Show accept/decline buttons

If you turn off the accept/decline buttons they won't appear in the header. If you want clients to accept the proposal you'll need to use the electronic signature tool or just have them verbally accept it and then you can change the status manually yourself.

Allow comments?

If you turn off comments, the small comment icons won't appear next to each section. If comments are on, clients can comment on any section.

When they leave comments you'll get an email notification and can either click on the preview to go to that comment and respond, or you can click on the Proposal Snapshot and under Activity you'll see a tab for client comments where you can respond to clients.

If you don't want to smack your client in the face with the bottom line you can turn the price off. They'll need to review your pricing table to see how much your services cost.

Password protect proposal

Preview links are available to anyone who knows the links. By their nature they are virtually impossible to guess and they don't get crawled by search engines, so it's unlikely your proposal will fall into the wrong hands.

But, if you're the paranoid type, you can choose to password protect your proposal. Turn this setting on and it will ask you to create a password.

This password doesn't use the same level of security that your account password has. It's just a simple password you will need to tell your client in order for them to view the proposal when they open the link.

This is the screen they'll be greeted with when they open a password-protected proposal:

Note: If you uploaded your own logo in the branding area of your account settings it will show your logo and not Proposify's.

The client will need to enter the correct password you told them in order to hide this black screen and view the proposal.

Once clients click on a proposal link you'll receive an email notification letting you know. When clients open the link our system will begin collecting view metrics and after 24 hours you'll be able to see them in the snapshot view and metrics section of Proposify.

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