Using The Google Font Library

Proposify uses the Google Fonts library for serving fonts. 

Due to licensing issues you can't upload your own fonts, but the Google Fonts library includes over 600 fonts to choose from.

There are two steps to choosing your own fonts.

First go to your account settings and then the font library

You can search the entire Google Fonts library by font name, or browse using the pagination links. When you find a font you want to use, turn it on. You can only import up to 10 fonts in your account for performance reasons.

Once you have the fonts turned on that you want to use, go edit a proposal or template, and open Edit Design:

Click 'Typography Styles' and then select a font style you want to edit (eg: Body, Heading 1). Then click the font family drop down and you'll see your active fonts.


There's a shortcut at the bottom of the drop down menu called "Find New Fonts". Click that and you'll go to your account settings to manage your fonts.

For optimal performace, it's a good idea to turn off fonts that you're not using.

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