Removing Team Members

Updated 1 year ago by Nick Gaston

When you remove users that are assigned to active proposals, you'll use the drop down menu to reassign them to another team member. This will pop up when you go to delete the user. 

If the team member you're removing is a signatory on any active proposals, you'll need to remove their signature buttons manually. When you go to delete the user we'll show you a list with links you can use to go to each proposal and change the signature buttons. 

If any of those proposals have been signed by at least one of the clients you'll need to use the 3 dot menu button to "Make Edits" to the proposal to remove the signature button. 
This will void the agreement and you'll need to have your client resign it. Anyone that has signed will get an email notifying them that the proposal is now void. You can then remove the signature button and send the proposal to you client to sign again.  

You'll see a window pop up letting you know what will happen and who will get a notification. 

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