Custom Domains [video]

If you'd like to add your own custom domain so that when clients open your web proposals they don't see "" in the URL bar, you can do this.

First log into your hosting account and add a CNAME record to your domain. Check with your hosting provider if you have difficulty with this.

Here is an example of the settings you would add if you are hosted with Rackspace.

Be sure to use "" as the target domain, and not "".

Then go to your account settings and click on the custom domain link.

Enter the domain you want your clients to see. Eg:

Make sure it matches what you entered in your hosting account.

It will take some time for your domain to propagate, but when it does your client links will all show your custom domain.

You will still see when editing the software, the only time your custom domain is visible is when clients are previewing your proposals so they don't see, instead they see

NOTE:  It can take 48 hours for your CNAME record to propagate. It's best to wait until your CNAME record is resolving before going into Proposify and updating the settings, that way your clients won't see any 404 error messages.

Remember: Removing a custom domain that has already been set up will break any proposal links that you have out to clients. If you need to change your custom domain in the future let us know and we can help you with what you'll need to do.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or HTTPS secure custom domain: 

At the moment support for SSL is not something we can offer. Since our servers are hosting the application and the DNS is mapping it to us, we cannot serve the site under HTTPS as we do not have a certificate on our server for the domain name. Send us a message to let us know you'd want this! 

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