Recurring Fees

Proposify caters to a wide range of users who have an even wider range of services available to their clients. The list goes anywhere from one-time charges like equipment costs, import fees, and product prices; to recurring fees such as rental fees, hourly wages, retainers, and service charges.

More often than not, these charges are placed together in the same proposal. Proposify gives you the ability to differentiate between the two charges, allowing your client to see what fees are recurring, as well as what fees will only be charged once when the proposal is signed. 

Adding Recurring Fees

To add a recurring fee to your proposal, double-click into a row in a fee table until you see a blinking cursor:

Once that row is selected, your right-hand menu will change to show options for that row. Click on the "Row Type" dropdown: 

In the dropdown, select a recurring fee type (hourly, monthly, or annual): 

Looking to know more about our fee types? Click here.

This will add a "/period" tag to the end of that row's subtotal:

Once that's done, you can separate your recurring fees from your one-time charges by clicking the "total options" foldout from the right-hand menu: 

Then checking the box next to "separate recurring fees from total" 

If that option is activated, then the total footer will show separate totals: the recurring fees, plus the one-time charges:

If you have taxes and discounts in your table's footer, then these will be reflected across all charges as well: 

Looking a bit too cluttered? You can hide taxes from the same "Total Options" tab by de-selecting the checkbox next to "Tax" or "discount" 

This allows you to reduce clutter and save space in your proposal for the numbers that matter, without having to worry about adding calculations as a secondary step:

Where Recurring Fees Can Be Seen

Once you have set up your recurring fees, you can see them in the editor page, sorted from shortest timeframe to longest, from the right-hand menu: 

From the proposal's snapshot page:

From the total footer in the Preview/Client's view:

From the snapshot page, separated by currency:

And from the metrics page by hovering over the specific line:

This allows you to track and measure you revenue in every pipeline, currency and timeframe you need.

Have any questions? Looking for a specific answer? Our support team can provide you with solutions to almost any problem. Click here to reach out! 

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