Tracking your signatures

You've signed your proposal, and you're getting notifications that others are signing your proposal too. Great! There's just one problem, the proposal is not marked as won yet. There's still a signature or two left to complete before work can begin.

To check your remaining signatures, enter the proposal's snapshot page by clicking on the proposal's name in the Pipeline:

In the snapshot page, on the "settings" column on the left, you'll see an overview of all signatures received and pending: 

Underneath each recipients' name shows the number of signatures required.

You can send a reminder to those who still have pending signatures by clicking the stopwatch icon next to their name: 

This will open the reminder email menu, where you can choose a template, edit the email body and schedule an automatic follow-up: 

Once signatures are present in the proposal, you'll be able to go to the activity feed view data surrounding when and where the deal was signed: 

Are you not seeing a signature box? Is something not quite right? Support has all the answers! Click here to reach out. 

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