Uploading Your PDF As A Section

You’ve got the perfect proposal stored as a PDF on our computer, but you want to send it through Proposify.  Instead of painstakingly copy/pasting your content from your PDF to our editor, our PDF import tool is just the tool you’re looking for.

PDF import is available to all plans and it allows you to upload a PDF (or page range within a PDF) as a section within your proposal. This can save you loads of hours of copy/paste time, and free you up to be there for your client.

How to import your PDF

To import your PDF, head to the editor for your proposal or template. From there, click on the “add section” button found from the section menu at the top left, just under the "back" and "save" buttons: 

A menu will appear asking you to name your section. Name your section and click the “Add PDF as a section” button at the bottom of the menu. 

Drag and drop your file, or click the “click here to upload” link to open a file manager. You can set a specific page range if you’d rather not import the whole PDF, or if you’d like to break it out into sections.

A confirmation window will appear showing the status of your upload (uploaded, converting, or done).

Once complete, an image of your PDF will appear in its own section, centered in the middle of the page and matching your page size.

That’s it! No more cutting and pasting massive documents, re-importing images, or re-inventing the wheel. You simply have one awesome proposal ready in a few clicks!


How large can my PDF be? 

We currently allow a maximum PDF size of 20MB to be imported. Any more than that and they will need to be broken out into separate sections. 

Can I edit the PDF once it has been added? 

Since the PDF will be added as an image, you won’t be able to directly edit the text. You can, however, add a text box with a background colour matching the background of your PDF. This will cover any text in the image and allow you to edit your proposal.

Can my tables be calculated into the proposal total? 

Not at this time. If you’d like to have your proposal value calculated, a fee table will need to be inserted over top of the PDF image.

Do I have to do this every time I create a proposal/template? 

Once you’ve done this the first time, your imported section can be be uploaded to your section library for future imports. Click here to learn how to save your section to the section library.

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