Importing Sections To Your Proposal

You've created the perfect section for the perfect proposal. However, that perfect proposal was the last one you were working on, and that perfect section is just what you need to make this one even Proposify makes it easy for you to save sections from another proposal in order to add it to your current one with just a couple of clicks!

Step One: Save your section to the content library.

To save a section to the content library, go into the editor for the proposal... 

... or template...

 with the section you're looking to save.

Once in the editor, click the "..." menu that appears when you hover your cursor over the section in the left-hand menu. From there, select "revision" from the menu that appears to the right:

Once in the revision history, hit the "Push" button to push this revision to the content library. If there is no original version already in the content library, then this section will be added. If this was already in the content library, then this version will replace the old version.

Once this is done, you're good to go to import this section to your library!

Step Two: Import the section

To import a section to your library, enter the editor of a proposal and click the drawer icon that appears at the top of the section menu: 

A fly-out menu will appear with your content library:

From here, click and drag your chosen section from the content library to your proposal/template: 

That's it! Your section has now been added to your proposal. What's more, you can tweak and change this added section without worrying about changes making it back to the library. You can make this section now suit your specific client.

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