Salesforce Integration - Basic or Premium?

Salesforce is a super customizable tool that lets you keep an eye on how your pipeline is doing. While many great CRM products have a set workflow for you to work with, Salesforce shapes everything around your workflow. It makes sense, then, that we would provide options that do the same thing. 

We have two different versions of our Proposify integration: Basic and Premium. This article is going to take some time to outline the differences between the two.

Two-way contact sync: 

The Premium integration comes with a two-way sync for contacts and opportunities. Here's what gets synced:

  • Company
  • Name
  • Website
  • Address
  • Contacts
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Company associated with them
  • website (if not associated with a company)
  • Address (if not associated with a company

Whenever you push a contact from Salesforce to Proposify (or vice versa), we make a link. Any time this contact changes in Proposify, that change will push in Salesforce (or vice versa). Deleting a contact or company in one site will also delete it in the other, so you don't have to worry about leftovers.

Two-way opportunity sync: 

The Premium integration also comes with a two-way sync for proposals and opportunities. Whenever you change a proposal name, due date or contact, we'll update it in Salesforce (or vice versa). Deleting the proposal also un-links the opportunity, letting you link another one to Salesforce.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The two-way opportunity sync is only available for proposals linked directly from the website. We're working on syncing proposals made from the app exchange app in a future release. 

OTHER NOTE: While the basic integration can move an opportunity to "closed won/lost" status, it's not possible to move a proposal to that same status using the premium integration. 

Proposify App Exchange App

The Proposify Premium integration allows you to use the Proposify App Exchange app, letting you create, send and manage your proposals directly from Salesforce.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently, the app exchange app does not link the proposal automatically to the proposal in Proposify.

Updates and Changes

The Proposify Basic integration is the same standby that has held the test of thousands of Salesforce users. The Premium integration is currently in "beta" status. This means that, while we've tested for security and stability, features are still being built to make the premium integration even better, and we're looking to you for feedback on how to improve it. 

If you're looking to take part and get involved in something that will get better over time, then the premium integration may be for you. If you'd prefer something that remains consistent and predictable, the basic version may better suit your team.


Salesforce's basic integration comes pre-loaded in Proposify on any Grande plan or higher. If you'd like to include the Premium integration, you can add it to your current package as an à la carte option.

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