Salesforce Premium Integration - Tips and Tricks

NOTE: This article is for users with the Salesforce Premium integration enabled. You can see if your account has access to this from the billing page.

You’ve just activated your Salesforce premium integration with Proposify. Now you’re looking to see what you can do to really dive in while keeping your work consistent and reduce redundancies. Here are a few tricks to help you out. 

If you’re linking your opportunities to Proposify, we can fill out those settings for you.

If you’re working from Proposify, you can link to an existing opportunity in Salesforce from the proposal Settings page.

Once you’ve linked an opportunity, click the “update Proposal settings” button to the right.

From here, we’ll pull the settings data from the opportunity you’ve already created. Things like due date, proposal name, and client data will all be pulled.

You probably don’t need to upload your entire contact list.

Proposify will automatically update your contacts the moment they’re uploaded into Proposify. Odds are, though, that you won’t need all of the thousands of contacts in your list. Instead, you can just push the contacts necessary to build a proposal.

When you link a proposal to an opportunity and click “update proposal settings”, we’ll upload the client data directly to your Proposify account, allowing you to work on-the-fly and only upload the contacts that you need in Proposify.

Looking to automatically add new contacts anyways? Try Zapier.

We’re looking to keep communication between your salesforce and proposify accounts as fast as possible. To do that, we’re only updating contacts that have already been imported into Proposify. That way if someone who just uploaded a 10,000 person client list to their Salesforce account, you’re not stuck in the queue waiting for all of those to load.

If you aren’t the kind of person who would do that and would still like to keep your contact lists sympatico, you could use Zapier. A quick Zap with an action of “contact created in Salesforce” and trigger of “create a contact in Proposify” should do just the trick.

This does come with a warning, though: This won’t be a “true import”. This means your contacts won’t be live-syncing until a proposal is linked using an opportunity with this Salesforce contact.

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