Salesforce - Customizing Your Integration

Customizing Your Stage Progression

One of the best features of our Salesforce integration requires no work from you. When you link your proposal to a Salesforce opportunity, the opportunity will move through stages as you send and close the proposal. You can change which stages it moves to from Salesforce's integration settings page.

You can reach that page by clicking “integrations” from the left-hand menu:

This will take you to the integrations page. Click the SalesForce button at the bottom:

From there, click on the dropdown for each stage to see a full list of all stages within your Salesforce account:

Select which stage your opportunity should move to, then click “save settings”. 

And that's it! Your opportunities will move along these stages as the proposal progresses.

Set up Automatic Deal Creation

The “Proposals” stream will create a new deal from scratch whenever you create a proposal. This is optional, though, and you can disable it for each proposal.

Yet, There are some proposals or documents you send from Proposify that you may not want to have a new deal linked. These can be anything from NDAs, internal contracts, revised drafts, and so on. If you have other streams for those, you can choose which streams default to creating a new deal and which don't:

If you check the box next to a stream, Proposify will default to creating a new deal. If unchecked, we’ll leave it up to you to link/create/leave your proposal.

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