Salesforce Basic Integration - Setting Up

In today’s business world, working with a mess of systems to get the job done is a part of the process. You have Proposify, CRM software, task managers, invoicing tools —the list goes on! If you have a Proposify plan that allows integrations, we can help you cut one more tab from your browser. 

Once you link your SalesForce account to Proposify, we'll handle the redundant work. We can link your Proposify proposal to a Salesforce opportunity or create a new one. We can also import contacts and move the opportunity along your pipeline as your client interacts with the proposal.

To get started, you’ll need to link your Proposify account to your SalesForce account. You can do this by clicking the “integrations” button from the left-hand menu:

This will take you to the integrations page. Click the SalesForce button at the bottom:

From the SalesForce Page, click the green “log in to Salesforce” button. If your account requires a subdomain in order to log in, you can also enter that here as well:

Not too sure if your account requires a subdomain? You'll need this if you have a very old Salesforce account. If you’ve created an account in the last couple of years, you’re fine. Try logging in without one and see if it works!

We'll direct you to the Salesforce Login page once you click that button:  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure the login you use to link the integration is admin-level. If that can't work, another level that allows full access to deals and contacts will do fine. We need an admin account so we can pull and make changes to contacts and opportunities. If you use a login that doesn’t have admin access, we may not be able to see or make changes to everything you need.

Nervous? Not to worry! We take your privacy very seriously and will only use this access to make your Salesforce and Proposify accounts work together.

Once you enter your account details, we’ll finish up and you’ll see a bunch of options. We’ll cover those options in this article here.

You’re all set! Now all that’s left is to start linking opportunities and Proposify and Salesforce will be a match made in heaven!

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