Changes To the Client Preview Page

With the internet age in full swing, the passage of time is starting to get super weird. But, if you can think back to ten thousand years ago when it was pre-March 2019, then you may remember a time when Proposify’s preview page looked a little bit different. 

We’ve added some new options to your preview page; letting you replace the formatting of the old preview with your own brand. Heck, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to make an impression, use your client’s branding and make it all about them!

Here’s a list of changes we’ve made: 

  • We’ve tweaked the side panel, adding a logo to the top left of the page to add a splash of branding to your proposal. This will automatically take your company or workplace logo (if you have one). You can add your default company logo here. You can find out how to add a workspace logo by clicking here. If you’re looking to add a client-specific logo, you can also click here.
  • Speaking of the side panel, we’ve reduced the screen real-estate it takes up. If you have more than ten sections in your proposal, we’ll cut off the tenth and include an arrow to show that there’s more. Your client can click the “up” and “down” arrows to scroll along and find exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Speaking even more of the side panel, we’ve also included the option for you to get rid of it! It's great for small proposals, presenting on a big screen, or clients with small screens. you can de-select the option next to “show side panel” to hide it:

We’ve also included some other side panel customizations if you want to keep the logo or the table of contents.

  • You're now able to change the background colour, adding a splash of charm to your already great pitch. We’ll handle the text colour so you don’t have to worry too much about contrast. 

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