Client Input Forms - FAQs

This feature is just what I need! How do I get it?

Easy-peasy! Contact our sales team and we’ll get that set up for you ASAP!

I’m on a grandfathered plan. Can I get client input forms while sticking with my current billing structure?

Client Input Forms is an add-on feature which can only be our per-seat plans. If you’re on a proposal-limited plan, you will need to update your plan to per-seat. 

Can I collect customer banking/credit card information through client input forms?

No, and we have a system in place to try to prevent your clients from giving their credit card information. Payment apps such as Stripe have heavy secure systems in place. These keep your client payment info from skimmers or snoopers. While we do make our proposals as secure as possible, we don’t have Stripe’s level of security framework in place. We integrate with Stripe, which lets you collect a credit card payment when the client signs. Click here to read more!

Why can Stripe collect credit card info in a proposal but not these client input forms? 

When your client signs, Stripe takes over and redirects the client to a payment page on Stripe's servers. This lets us collect payment with Stripe's security framework already in place. The payment isn’t collected on Proposify.

Is there a character limit? 

The only limit is the amount of space on the page. If you are trying to put unabridged War and Peace in your answer, you may run out of room. Otherwise, you should be good.

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