Signing Your Proposal

Signing The Proposal
Changing Your Signature
Signing From Mobile

You've created your proposal and added signature boxes. You've sent your proposal to your client. All that's left is for your client to sign. In case they (or you) are having difficulties signing your document. Here's a quick guide on how to get that signature in the proposal so you can get down to serious work. 

Signing The Proposal

Enter the preview page

The first step to signing your proposal is to enter the proposal itself. For you, this means finding your proposal in the pipeline and clicking on the name:

This will take you to the proposal's snapshot page. From here, you can enter the proposal in a new browser tab by clicking the preview button at the upper right of the page: 

or you can enter the preview in your current tab by clicking the "sign" button next to your name from the "settings" column:

For your client, this means clicking on the proposal link in the email sent to them. Did they lose the email? You can manually send them a proposal link from the same snapshot page by clicking the "link" button next to their name: 

IMPORTANT NOTE: It's important that you send the proposal link associated with the client that specific client only. These links are tailored to each contact and it's how our system identifies that user.

Click on a signature box

Once you're in the proposal, you'll need to find the signature boxes with your name on it in order to apply a signature. To do that, you can click the "start here" button at the top right of the first page: 

You can also click the green "sign & accept" button at the bottom right of the proposal: 

Each option will show you how many signature boxes you have left to sign, and will direct you to each one the moment you click it.  

Once you're directed to a signature box, click on it to open the signature menu.

Add your signature/initial

Once clicked, your signature box will open the signature menu. From here, you can input your signature either by typing in the form fields and selecting an appropriate font style: 

Or by clicking the "draw" tab at the right of the page:

And showing off your super-sweet mouse drawing skills:

The final thing to do would be to acknowledge that the signature itself is legally binding by clicking "I agree" to the legal notice that appears: 

Continue adding your signatures

Once you've created your signature, it'll be used for every remaining signature box within your proposal. You can leap to all other signature boxes by clicking the "next" button at the right of the page: 

or by clicking "sign and accept" at the bottom right of the page: 

Once all signatures are in place, you're all done! We'll put up a confirmation pop-up to let you know that you're all set to close this deal.

Changing Your Signature

If your client ever feels like they'd like to edit or update their signature, they can do so by clicking the "change signature" button on the right side of the page: 

This will update all signatures attached to their name.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The "change signature" button is only available to your clients, and will not be available to you. Do change your signature, go to the proposal's editor. From there, delete and re-add the signature box with your name and your signature box will be reset. Click on the box and click the "edit" button: 

This will bring up the signature editor so you can fix your signature. This will change all future signatures made by you.

Signing from mobile

If you (or your client) have the proposal on the go and are looking to sign right away, you can open the proposal link straight from your phone. From there, tap on the "sign and accept" button at the bottom right of the page: 

The same signature options dialogue will appear, but fitting your screen: 

Just like desktop, if you are more of a fan of finger painting your signature, you can tap the "draw" tab to pull out the form fields there: 

Once all signatures are received, you'll see a pop-up notification confirming you're good to go: 

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