Adding Signatures To Your Proposal

You've created your proposal, now all you need to do is make a place for your client to seal the deal. Proposify allows you to add legally binding signatures to your proposal, including initials.

Adding Signatures

To add a signature box to a proposal, click the "add signature" button found on the right-hand menu: 

The signatures menu will appear:

From here, you can select which signatory you would like to add from your client's contacts from the dropdown menu at the top:

NOTE: If you're working from a template, then you will have two options: the proposal lead and the main client contact.

Once you've selected the person for which you would like to add a signature box, simply click and drag the kind of signature box you would like to add: 

Initials will only require the signatory to provide the first letters of their first and last name, while signatures will require your clients to sign with their full name.

Want to save time? You can also drag signature boxes straight from the dropdown: 

You can add a signature box for each client contact and person in your organization, and each will be colour-coded for easy reference. You can also add multiple signature or initial boxes for one person, if you need them to acknowledge multiple areas within a single contract. 

If you need to add a new signing member to your client's organization, you can do so by clicking the "add new contact" button: 

Once clicked, fill out the first name, last name and email address of the new signing party, then click save: 

This will add that person to the client contacts list in Proposify, allowing you to include a signature box within the proposal.

Editing Signatures

Once signature boxes have been added to your proposal, you can see a list of all signees from the right-hand menu: 

This gives a list of all contacts with a signature box within in the proposal, as well as how many signature/initial boxes they currently have in the proposal. You can locate each signature box assigned to that client by clicking the arrow buttons next to the client name: 

This will highlight each successive signature box in the proposal, allowing you to quickly find them: 

Having difficulties adding signatures? Have another question? We're here to help in support. Click here to reach out!

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