Archiving Proposals

There will be times you need to free up space in your main dashboard to work on other projects. Sometimes, the sale just fizzles out, or new drafts are made making the original copy redundant. Here's how to free up space in your Pipeline so you can work on future business. 

Archiving Your Proposal

There's two places to archive your proposal. 

The Dashboard

Hover over the proposal you would like to archive, then press the "..." button at the far right and select "archive" from the dropdown menu:

If you're looking to archive multiple proposals at once, you can click on the checkbox next to the proposal: 

Once all of the proposals you would like to archive are selected, you can click the file box button that appears at the top of the page, next to the search box: 

The Snapshot Page

From the proposal's snapshot page, you can archive your proposal by clicking the file box button at the top right:

Once your proposal is archived

When your proposal is archived, it will no longer count towards your proposal limit and your client will not be able to view the proposal. If you would like your client to be able to view the proposal again, you can restore it, which will reactivate the proposal from the original proposal link.

Restoring Archived Proposals

To restore an archived proposal, first enter the archives page from the dashboard: 

Once in the archives, click on the proposal you would like to restore. This will take you to the Snapshot page. In the Snapshot page, you'll have two options to restore this proposal at the top right of the page:

You can duplicate the proposal and leave this one in the archives: 

Or you can restore this proposal to your Drafts by making edits to it: 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Making edits to a signed proposal will void all signatures present in the proposal. Since "won" proposals don't count towards your proposal limit, it would be best to avoid archiving them unless you absolutely don't need to see it again. 

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