Saving versions to the content library

When editing a section, the section itself will be saved, but another version of it may be displayed in your Content Library instead.

Here's how you can save another version of a section from your proposal to the Content Library:

Go to the proposal editor and find the section you want to save

To start, click the "Last Edited by" wording on the first page of the section you'd like to save: 

Revision History 

The top most version is your default. 

Below your default will be all the versions of that section edited in that proposal or template. 

The Revision History holds a version for each proposal/template that section is used in. So if your section is being used in 1 template and 2 proposals, you will see 3 versions in your Revision History list.

Push & Pull

Edit in Library - will open that section in your content library where you can edit the default version. Remember: It may look different because when editing sections in the content library the styles are defined by which template you've set as your default template 

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