Proposify Partner Program - Commission FAQs

From where do I get paid?

Your commission payments will be sent to you via Paypal.

Do I need a Paypal account?

Absolutely! You can sign up for an account here.

When is Commission Paid out?

Commissions for our Affiliates are paid out monthly via PayPal. When you become an affiliate it will ask you for your Paypal email address and automatically send you the money each month. For Certified Partners the process is the same; however, commissions are sent out once per quarter, instead of monthly.

Do I get invoices/receipts?

You’ll get invoices and receipts emailed to you. You can also view your commission history in the Settings page, under Plans.

Whoops! Not a problem, just reach out to your partner success manager. They’ll sort it out and make sure your work doesn’t go to waste.

What’s the commission rate? 

If you are a part of our Affiliate program, then the commission rate is 10%. If you are a certified partner, then the commission rate is 20%.

What do I get paid for?

If you are part of our partner program (both certified and affiliate), you will receive a commission for recurring payments for as long as the customer is a client of Proposify.

How Often is Commission Paid?

Affiliate partners receive a commission payment once a month based on recurring subscription fees taken out during that time. 

Certified partners are paid quarterly based on recurring subscription fees taken out that time.

Is there a clawback on cancellation or non-payment suspensions?

We pay commission only so long as the customer remains a subscriber and invoices are being paid. Once the customer cancels their account, the commission payment from them stops.

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