Proposify Partner Program - General FAQs

What if I want to add additional seats beyond the seats that are included with the partner plan?

Additional seats can be added at a discounted rate: $39/seat. These additional seats will also enjoy the full features and integrations that your seat has.

How long is the free trial for the customers we invite?

Your users will receive a standard 2-week trial, like users who sign up through our own system.

Can we extend our customers’ free trial?

Not directly, but reach out to your partner program rep and we can take a look and provide more time for your user.

Whoops! It happens. Reach out to your partner program rep and we can take a look and get that fixed.

You sure can! You can find their invite link by clicking the “link” icon next to their name in the partner panel:

Can I login to my customers’ accounts?

Not right now but we're working on that feature for a future release.

Can I add or import a template to their account? 

Not now, but it’s coming soon! In the meantime, reach out to your partner success rep and they’ll make sure your template makes it to the right place.

Can I input/update my clients’ billing info from the partner panel?

Not at this time. You’ll need the client to sign up for a paid plan themselves.

Can I customize the Proposify Invite Email?

Not right now. Once we generate an invite, you can copy the invite link at any time and send that to your user. 

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