Restore A Section To A Previous Revision

That's not right! There was an edit in this section that is all wrong and now the proposal can't be sent! Proposify makes it easy to restore your section back to its former glory.

Step 1: Access the revision history

There's two ways to access the revision history for a section. You can click on the "last edited by" link at the top of a section: 

Or from the left-hand section menu by hovering over the section name, clicking the "..." button that appears on the right, and then selecting "revision":

Step 2: Find your revision

From here, the revision history will appear on the right:

If you would like to revert this section back to the current default found in the section library, click the "pull" button:

This will "pull" the revision found in the section library into your proposal.

If you would like to restore it to another version, you can see all revisions of this section (available to your role) below under "section versions":

Click on the date or timeframe that matches the last time you were editing this section, and your section should automatically update to match. 

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