Recovering an Archived Proposal

Well, crud! You were cleaning up your pipeline and you accidentally archived the proposal while it was still being reviewed by the client. Not to worry! Here's how to restore your archived proposal before the client even notices it was gone.

To restore an archived proposal, first enter the archives page from the dashboard: 

Once in the archives, click on the proposal you would like to restore. This will take you to the Snapshot page. From the snapshot, you'll have two options to restore this proposal at the top right of the page:

You can duplicate the proposal and leave this one in the archives: 

Or you can restore this proposal to your Drafts by making edits to it: 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Making edits to a signed proposal will void all signatures within it. Since "won" proposals don't count towards your proposal limit, it would be best to avoid archiving them unless you absolutely don't need to see it again.

Once the proposal has been restored, you can return your proposal to its original status from the proposal's snapshot page by clicking the dropdown next to "mark as":

There you have it! Now your client will be able to view and sign the proposal.

Can I restore an archived proposal with the signature still intact? 

At this time, we don't have that option available. You'll still be able to retrieve a copy of any won proposal in the archives from that proposal's Snapshot page.

However, your metrics may still not look quite right. You can adjust your metrics by duplicating the proposal and manually marking it as "won". 

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